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How do I tag people or Pages in photos?

    You can tag people or Pages in your own or someone else’s photos if the person or Page has allowed others to tag it.
    To tag people or Pages in a photo:
       1. Click the photo to expand it
       2. Hover over the photo and click Tag Photo at the bottom
       3. Click the person in the photo and start typing their name
       4. Choose the full name of the person or Page you want to tag when it appears
       5. Click Done Tagging

    If you want to tag people or Pages in multiple photos in an album at once:
       1. Go to the album
       2. Click Tag at the top right
       3. Enter the name of a person or Page to tag
       4. Click each photo you want to tag with that name
       5. Click Save Tags when you're finished
       6. Repeat this process for each person or Page you’d like to tag

    You can tag up to 50 people or Pages in a photo.
    Keep in mind that when you tag someone in a photo, that person's friends may also see, like or comment on the photo. Also, if you tag a photo that was not uploaded by a friend, the person who uploaded the photo will need to approve the tag.

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