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He past few months have also raised new areas of anxiety – are you the only person in the world who hasn’t been invited to a Zoom quiz? Why were you not included in that “rule of six” group that met up the other day? “We can build up a lot of reasons why we’re being left out and often they’re not valid,” says Burke. It may be that your friends know you hate quizzes (or online pottery groups, or musicals watchalongs), she points out. “Why not create something of your own to invite them to? People, when they host a party, are often repaying invitations, so maybe you haven’t been proactive. It usually has nothing to do with them not wanting us there.”

For those relationships you are keen to maintain, Millington suggests putting video chats in your diary just as you would have previously done if you were meeting up for dinner. Not everyone feels comfortable on camera, she acknowledges, but she thinks video calls are the second-best option to meeting in person. “Without physical touch, eye contact is the most intimate action. FaceTime and Zoom calls have really helped with maintaining bonds.”


‘Being at home more has reduced the potential for new connections we once would have made in the workplace.’

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