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Posted by admin on October 07 at 01:46 PM
To: Katharine Morandi
From: Ujjwal Ahmed, Optimum Software Company
Subject: Yesterday’s meeting
Dear Katharine,
Thank you for taking the time to get together with us yesterday. Everyone on our team felt that it was a
productive meeting. We have a better understanding of your project’s needs now, and we’ve started
looking at ways to adapt our software to meet your requirements.
While the basic function of the software is well suited to the project overall, as discussed, we will explore
ways to adapt it to the needs of the different departments at Advantage that will be using it. This will
incur some additional cost, as we indicated—we’ll provide details about that at our next meeting, once
our engineers have assessed the changes that will need to be made.
I’ve asked Peter Bodell to prepare a document for you that indicates when the Training and Consulting
Department could start providing services to you. He’ll send this information to you directly—since
you’ve worked with him in the past, it seems the most efficient way to go.
As agreed, let’s set up a meeting for the week of November 26 by which time our engineers will be able
to outline their approaches to your departmental needs, and we’ll have the information we need to put
together a contract.
In the meantime, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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