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Have a cup of herbal tea and eat foods which are natural rather than processed.

Do you feel stressed? Chances are, you do.  Levels of stress in our society are increasing more and more these days, and this is true for both workers and students. There are a number of ways you can relieve stress, but there are also several ways in which you can avoid stress in the first place, and this article will focus on these. Here are four things you should avoid like the plague if you want to develop a more peaceful lifestyle.
What’s the first thing you do when you get home after a stressful day at work or college? Many of us collapse on the couch and reach for the TV remote. Don’t do it! Not only does the TV fill your living room with the stressful lives of on-screen characters, think about commercials.  The aim of advertising is to make people feel that their lives are inadequate and unfulfilled.  They often bring out negative emotions in viewers. 
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