This demo will reset weekly | WATCH | Car lands in swimming pool after unusual accident between husband and wife

A man and his car landed in a swimming pool after his wife crashed into him.According to the brother of the man involved in the accident, the woman blacked out at the wheel of the car, causing the accident.No serious injuries were reported.

A bizarre accident in Port Elizabeth left quite a trail of destruction when a woman crashed into her husband's car on Monday.

The man lost control of his vehicle, drove through a wall and plunged into a swimming pool, while the woman crashed into an adjacent wall.

"The man was stationary at a stop street when his ex-wife [sic] caused the accident. He landed in the pool with no injuries, while she sustained minor injuries as she hit a neighbour's wall," police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu told News24.

It was reported on social media and in other media publications that the woman was the ex-wife of the man and that she had driven into him intentionally, but Jodash Pillay, brother of the man involved, said there had been a "misperception" of what happened and that the couple are in fact still married.

According to Pillay, the man was on his way to the business they co-own, called Oceans Chemicals. His wife left at the same time, in a separate car, to get food because the power was out.

The wife blacked out behind the wheel due to a medical condition, which caused her to drive into the back of her husband's car, the brother said.

"Luckily, it was my brother in front of her and not another car," said Pillay. "No one in their right mind would do that."

Both vehicles were company cars and they have been internally sorted out, he said.

According to Pillay, there was no domestic violence involved and the company's lawyers will be dealing with anyone posting incorrect information.

"People on social media are being heartless... it's obviously defamation of character because it makes the woman look bad," he said.

Both husband and wife are doing fine, Pillay said.

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