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  • Players who hit the Kamas Dofus Retro podium such as: Karne Montilier, Colorante Establish and Pararayon Shield. A Dofus gamesOnline accounts is required to participate and everything occurs on the contest page. The subject of the updates of the three years is set up to introduce Temporal Anomalies. This is the first chapter, Resonance, of a storyline arc which awaits the Dofus players.
    The Zaaps Network is now shaky, the electricity used by them to transfer the Douziens appears to be used by bad people, creating disturbances in the Kontinuum that manifest themselves at the Planet of Twelve in the shape of temporal anomalies. The target of the Dofus players would be to shut these temporal anomalies when they occur. But it will be required to listen and come followed, these anomalies are inhabited by creatures known under the title of Chronomorphs and are guarded by personalities of the Krosmoz coming from different instances, past as future.
    That is becoming a habit for every major upgrade, the writing goes right back into the statements and facts of the Dofus team to try to examine and theorize about possible future additions to Dofus! After all, the team has managed to exceed our expectations with the Infinite Dreams!
    In recent years, each season carries a ribbon, amassing a number of stains to form a pair. Whether using an extension such as Frigost or even Saharach, or through a narrative arc like the Krosmoz Superheroes (yes, yes), there was always some thing to do! However, this time it's pretty special. Indeed, Ankama's will is to project and see... over 3 decades! Which brings us into a coincidence, since it is just among the delays cited by Tot for its production of this Dofus port of Flash to Unity! The comprehensive overhaul of Dofus will be justified? Or is it a way to permanently end the world of the planet as we know it? The individuals of Amakna refuse to comment.
    The tests are ongoing on the beta to balance them and Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale even if they convince some, this isn't the case for everybody. Deeper modifications, or just additions to Dofusplay (brand new rewards, exclusive creatures ( more bonuses) are to be expected. Do not be hesitant to produce your comments. It is also currently, on the test servers,
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