They don't have time to implement anything for Madden 21

They don't have time to implement anything for Madden 21


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  • Go fuck yourselves. Make changes and Madden 21 coins I won't buy your recycled crap. Someone else can spend $2000 on your own stupid sim license. They've been making empty promises for several years. The best we could hope for is improvements for Madden 22. Can you read the report? It just talked about changes which were made to franchise mode for last calendar year, which the modifications stated actually did occur. They just weren't significant.
    "We just want to bring this rich depth and immersion to it we're beginning to consider it like a sports RPG." Every year that they hype a bunch of minor changes and talk about how important franchise mode is and will continue to be. And every year it is the same outdated and buggy mode it had been a decade ago. My guess is that they had a strategy for this. Every year they push their luck further and farther before discovering our breaking point. This season was there, and today they will add in some kind of compromise which while probably won't be anything groundbreaking, it will be something to tide us over. I'll take anything at this time. So basically they're admitting they had no plans to do anything to get franchise whatsoever until people really got mad? Disgusting.
    EA currently has approximately 7 weeks to tell us how they're likely to #FixMaddenFranchise to get Madden 22. I don't wish to hear small post-launch improvements for M21. Make commitments for next season, today. With particulars. Great that they reacted. However, Madden 21 is petty done. There will not be any major changes because of this. But a little hope for next year. I would bet money that they release the game with the same shitty version of franchise style they have declared, with a guarantee of adding features or some bullshit later on. All this signifies is next year they'll comprise 1 feature they had in 2007 and rebrand it as new.
    After they told us Franchise proved to be a top focus in the game going forward, then actually giving us no new attributes for the manner, THEIR WORD MEANS NOTHING! They've gotta put their money where their mouth is before I even become somewhat optimistic. Good accomplishment for the movement, but we aren't stopping until we get all the features we had years back plus more! #FixMaddenFranchise.
    They don't have time to implement anything for Madden 21. All this please stop creating sound and purchase our match....maybe we'll do some thing in Madden 22. It's lip service to get the social media assault to die down, realizing it's too late in the process to fix it, by this time next year, they will have the ability to mut 21 coins buy roll out M22 without even less of a franchise style until we are completely phased out.

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