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  • Even though members have access to RuneScape gold magic wood, this can be worth meager 130k gold each hour, which is practically barely profitable when compared to a different money making process restricted for associates. We have listed it here, among other tips, to paint a complete picture of OSRS money-making and warn you that though some activities might bring gold, it's not always worth your time (unless you are RPing as a woodcutter, which is fine).
    FISHING. Old as the world food gathering and rewarding hobby is maybe not the very cost-effective way of earning gold bits in OSRS, but it's the chillest, undoubtedly. Regrettably non-membership players are limited to catching lobsters in Musa Point near Port Sarim, which ends up to score you around 20k gold per hour. It's not the best price, but should you've already obtained membership and are searching for places to up your angling game, grabbing infernal eels provides about 280k gold each hour while being almost AFK. You don't even need the feathers lures. If you aren't afraid of PKers and want something a tad more intensive, dark crabs are waiting out there for you personally, scoring 380k gold per hour.
    GOLD NECKLACES. Those more keen on staying at the comforts of cities this method should suit the maximum. It does not require membership account, has reduced entrance requirements (only level your crafting skill to 6 and you're good to go), helps you ability Crafting, and returns about 100k gold pieces each hour by just fetching some gold bars and necklace molds and stuffing them in the furnace. Contemplating that is non-membership strategy and taking into account that requirements are virtually non-existent, so this should be your go-to if you would like to create some gold fast.
    I just bought 3 weeks of membership after taking a two year break. I am halfway through the first moth and moved from level 60 melee abilities to level 70, except assault which is currently 72. I am considering training attack, power, and defence all to 75 and then going back into Taverly dungeon to acquire some money from blue dragons. Before I proceed to blue dragons, then I'd like to find some better armour and weapons when I can. Id like to know what to get for equipment.
    After I get my melee skills to 75, I shall have about 5mil. I'm training on tortoises from the gnome stronghold since they have large hp and reduced assault. They're not good cash, but thay've been fast xp sofar. I plan on just using melee combat (no range/mage). I was considering becoming barrows armour until I realised that it degrades overtime, which would mean spending a lot of cash to rs3 gold buy it.

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