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  • Lots Of Fire Creating Suggestions. I received a few FM suggestions... The emote is too boring. So here's a better person, Your Character burst into flames and RuneScape gold flames die down showing your character laughing maniacally. The greater the log the greater damage. Fire Randoms: There is no fire creating randoms. So here is a good one: Rabid fire: The fire goes out of control and harm everyone around you, similar to chinchompas. Fire defense: That's correct, wieldible flame!! You can light a fire in your head to protect you from ice hockey barrage,etc.. That is all I can think of today. I will think of more Firemaking tips soon.
    Means of the Skiller. A dragon axe along with a high mage level are recomended. Speak to this Woodcutting tutor in Lumbridge. He says he can beat you at a yew cutting contest. Accept his challenge and he'll teleport you to a field filled with yew, willow, routine, and walnut trees.
    He will state that the very first to reduce down 10 yews wins. Luckily, he's slow, so you can probably beat him. Just be sure you don't click any additional trees. If you don't win you can always try again. Once you beat himhe says he's another challenge for you. Talk to Sylas, in Taverly. He'll teleport you to Grimgnash's nest. Talk to it and it says it's something for you if you can defeat him in battle. You will be teleported to another area.
    Put Protect Range on and you will be okay. Grimgnash will just strike with melee when you are alongside him. Hide behing the rocks and mage himie fire bolt can do around 14 on him, since he is made from metal. After killing him, you'll wake up in Sylas using a Staff of Fury in your inventory. He will say to Visit Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor.
    Martin wants to have a competion to see who will grow 5 guam renders the fastest. Decline his offer. She says she can create a Super Growth Potion, however she needs Harrlander, Red Spider Eggs, and an Eye of Newt. Harrlander can be purchased from other players, the Eggs could be found in Karamja Volcano, and buy rs3 gold Eye of Newt could be purchased in Port Sarim Magic shop.

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