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  • The person being assisted shouldn't get any XP since rs 2007 gold they're doing something they should not be able to do. They have not worked hard like their high Leveled friend so they don't deserve to obtain any experience. However, I guess a toggle switch would be Okay though I still don't agree with giving out free XP.
    Oh, I gotcha...I think this will work. . .but....what if, let's say, somebody has multiple accounts with high levels and a single pure. They have two computers also log the pure on one and among the top ones on the other. They are now able to give free exp to the pristine, log off the first high level, get on the next, and repeat.Even when there was a exp cap, this may still get extremely mistreated... You have a major point there. I will think about a way to stop this sort of abuse.
    If you read the RuneScape Manual, JaGex says,"You can earn a maximum of 30,000 experience in any 24-hour interval by helping people". I believe that is enough to prevent people from providing free XP for their pures. Plus ? Is such a little bit of XP it probably would not even be worth doing. They'd need to keep their primary logged in and at a 20 square radius of one another.
    If they did this they would be breaking up the multiple logging in principle, and two people with the exact same IP address can't log to the same world so that it would be very difficult to do exactly what you're saying. Much like bypassing the chat blocker, how is this different? Notice how I said different computers.
    Ok, I've thought of an idea that could make it easier for folks to transport approximately Runescape: A horse and carriage. I mean, wouldn't it be cool, riding a horse round RS rather than playing some crap toy (could be quite entertaining sometimes) I'm still at the early phases of the idea and theres more to come. So far I have only thought of this carriage, how this would work and how to buy RuneScape gold receive one.

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