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Cat Food Reviews: The Honest Kitchen

Abigail Holland
Abigail Holland
on April 14 at 12:46 AM

Business founder Lucy Postins was motivated by her dog's success on a homemade diet and started selling comparable foods for cats and dogs.

Nowadays, The Honest Kitchen is among the few truly human-grade cat food manufacturers and among the major producers of dehydrated food to pets. There is no arguing the Honest Kitchen brings something interesting into the pet food aisle, but is it a secure, healthful option for cats?

To answer this question, let us learn more from the honest kitchen cat food review Kitchen production practices, remember history, recipes, consumer experience, and much more.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

The Honest Kitchen foods are all human-grade products. Human-grade food is prepared, handled, and transported in accordance with individual food production standards. By the time of harvest until the food reaches store shelves, each step of the manufacturing and handling process meets demands for human food production.

The company sources 67% (by weight) of the ingredients from North America, such as all of their protein resources and most the fruits, vegetables, and supplements. Not one of their ingredients have been sourced from China. Each supplier is required to sign the provider's"Individual Food Grade Guarantee".

These ingredients are processed in The Honest Kitchen's company-owned centers in the United States. These kitchens are registered and inspected by the FDA and meet all U.S. needs for individual food production.

Has The Honest Kitchen Cat Food Been Recalled?

In 2013, The Honest Kitchen recalled several kinds of pet food after learning that one of their suppliers may have offered them salmonella-contaminated parsley.

What Types Of Cat Food Can The Honest Kitchen Offer?

Rather than the usual dry or canned fare--or perhaps freeze-dried or raw food--The Honest Kitchen cat food is a dehydrated, pulverized item.

Depending on the way you prepare it, the finished food includes a feel involving thick oatmeal and a smoothie.

While The Honest Kitchen provides a huge variety of meals for dogs, their cat food choice is tiny--consisting of two meals. Both are grain-free merchandise. They are primarily made in beef, but in addition contain vegetables, fruits, and synthetic additives to ensure nutritional adequacy.

Is The Honest Kitchen cat food raw?

Compared to extrusion and other processing procedures, the dehydration process uses less heat and leaves more of the raw ingredients' nutritional components undamaged, however, The Honest Kitchen cat food is not raw. Consider it as a gently-processed alternative to conventional dry or canned foods --a midpoint in the processing scale.

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