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Posted by admin on October 07 at 02:16 PM
A new ruling which came into effect last week requires some homeowners to purchase new smoke alarms.  The ordinance states that there should be a fire alarm installed in every bedroom of the house, and these alarms must comply with certain safety standards. Some local residents are displeased at these new regulations.  Gwen Ellis of McKinley says that to meet with the new regulations, she has to buy five new alarms to replace the ones she installed just six months ago.  With fire alarms costing up to $20 apiece, this is an unwelcome ruling for many people. Fortunately, the McKinley Fire Department is offering grants for homeowners and will provide and install new fire alarms free of charge.  If you have small children or are older than 65 years of age, you may be eligible for these.  The McKinley Fire Department has 5,000 smoke alarms to give away.  To inquire about obtaining a free alarm, or to find out whether you qualify, call 692-569-0372.
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